by thanklemons

I want to write something moving and cryptic, beautiful and mysterious.  Laced with references and double meanings, it will be a reminder of what’s good and what’s bad in the world.

The words will be expertly chosen– elaborate vocabulary, perfect cadence in each sentence.  People will understand just enough to be captivated, but just enough will go over their heads to make them think and question and wonder. Subtle context clues will pepper the writing, and they will wonder if I’ve written about them.

I want to write something targeted and universal, all at once. I want to write something personal. I want to write something generic.  I want to write something that inspires and motivates and encourages. I want to capture a moment that’s already happened. I want to create something new. I want to be original. I want to be old-fashioned.

I want my meaning to sink in slowly, over time. I will hint at it, deftly writing around what I am really trying to say.  Poignant. Harsh but touching. Provocative. Human. Intelligent. Mesmerizing. Readers will lose themselves in the writing, feeling what I felt, knowing what I knew, and, gradually, understanding.